Tropicalia, a desk lamp from our Arraiolux range. The design process for this piece started when we spotted the delicious light pistachio metal bulb holer in a shop in Oporto. Then we had a look at our wool yarn options and started creating horizontal and vertical stripes with accent lemon yellow and lime green. A zesty pastel mélange!

Chatice and Pompoos

Chatice waking up after a nap on the wool bundles

Chatice is our beloved dutch cat and muse. She came into our lives in 2013, together with ginger cat Pompoos - via the Amsterdam animal shelter. We needed them to put an end to the mockery that the mice in our flat were making of us. In less than 2 weeks the situation was solved. Pompoos, old and frail, died a couple of years later. Chatice joined us moving to the portuguese countryside. She loves it here, of course. She is the official product tester for House of Cats and Dogs, demanding yet always willing to cooperate.

Chatice enjoying the winter sun


Loquat / Japanese Medlar (Nespereira)

It's been a gloriously sunny start of the year here in the Serra, and we noticed our Nespereira trees had started to blossom, despite the chilly nights and frosty mornings. Our trees are very young, so we don't really know what to expect yet. A quick Wikipedia search lets us know this is normal. One thing it fails to mention is that the flowers are amazingly scented. If you're looking to add an evergreen to your garden, consider a Loquat tree. If you find yourself visiting Lisbon, you shoud be able to spot these trees in many gardens and parks..

Embroidery 2.0

Embroidering is time consuming and laborious, But it is also a wonderful, creative thing to do while listing to my favourite radio station Radar. I learned the Arraiolos cross stitch technique at school, back in the early 90's, Thanks to Sean's out-of-the-box approach, we have been able to go beyond what I've been taught. We are on a very exciting and rewarding path to re-invent embroidery, try everything the manuals tell you not to do and see where it takes us.

The Utopian for Totealitarian

"The Utopian" backpack prototype development for our Totealitarian brand. Cotton canvas or Burel wool body with a cork wrapped bottom for water/hot/cold insulation, cotton/nylon webbing and black metal fittings. With an extendable roll top, this pack expands as required. The straps can be repositioned to allow it to be carried as a backpack, a shoulder bag or in the hand.


One of the biggest challenges we face here at the Atelier is photographing our pieces. How can we convey textures and nuances in one single shot? This is our first attempt at shooting a video that actually gives you a 360 degree perspective of the Prisma desk lamp. But of course, one of the key features of this lamp is precisely its flexibility and shape-shifting quality, so we will be looking to post more videos on the website to show you the seemingly endless possibilities of these unique lamps.

Atelier 189 loves MeanGlean

MeanGlean is our dear friend Christine’s wonderful Etsy shop, where she has curated quite an awesome collection of weird and wonderful objects. Think of her as your own personal shopper, someone who has sifted through hundreds of collectables to bring you only the finest, most precious finds.

A wedding present

Back in November my sister got married. We made this desk lamp as a wedding present. Two shades of yellow and two shades of grey, to complement their living room decor. It was an absolute labour of love - such is Arraiolos embroidery. But the final result was well worth it, and so are the newlyweds!

Enjoying a touch of winter sun

With night temperatures dropping below 0 degrees, and feeling like -5, a little afternoon sun with a cup of tea and a pastel de nata is really welcome!

How better to enjoy a taste of Portugal.

And now to feed Pupette and Tronette, the visiting dogs...

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